"Gilda is an inspirational coach and mentor. She instilled in me a deep and creative love of music and a passion for creating, performing and playing music with other people. Her imaginative coaching taught me to bring intention not only to my music but to every aspect of my life. Gilda's nurturing and wise coaching left me with confidence in my ability to express myself through many mediums". 

    - Sophie Davis, graduate Oberlin Conservatory

"....Our sessions together brought calmness, clarity and confidence back into my life, during a very vulnerable time. Thank you so much for your abilities, guidance and care. You are an extraordinary coach and teacher and I am forever grateful."

    - Shari Katz, Business Professional Maine, USA

"Gilda's steady guidance and adept intuition transformed my journey as a performing musician. Her positive visualization strategies increased my confidence and strengthened my leadership as both a musician and person. Gilda helped me to perform without anxiety and tension while also prioritizing personal creativity and expression. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to work with Gilda!"

    - Josie Davis, graduate Harvard and Oberlin Conservatory

"For eight years Gilda has been my teacher and coach. She recognizes that the musical and technical ability is only half of what is needed to perform in public. Gilda's patience and understanding of my fears has been invaluable to me. Her straightforward approach to facing fears works. She has been there for me through thick and thin. Thank you Gilda."

      - Joan Hantz, Maine, USA

"In addition to being a wonderful violinist and teacher, Gilda has helped me deal with stress and anxiety often experienced as a music student.I recall a time years ago when I was thinking of not continuing with orchestra due to re-audition anxiety, and she helped me work through these issues. Now this past year, during my preparation for conservatory auditions, she showed me how to prepare myself mentally for this intimidating process.  Her vast experience and unique perspective has helped me through some challenging periods where I may not have continued my musical path without her support.  For that I am forever grateful!"

      - Nathan Hillman, student Peabody Conservatory

"Gilda provided guidance with compassion, and direction and worked with me from my own starting point one step at a time. The skills she taught me have become a "go to place" of feeling and being..since this time of working together, many things have crossed my path regarding the importance of our connection to ourselves and the world."

      - Sue Pesek, Business Professional Colorado, USA

"What I have learned from you has forever changed me, and because of that, I live more fully with more grace....."

      - Rachel Nicholas, Professional singer, songwriter

"For years, I have used meditation, yoga and tai chi to help me handle stress. They were all useful systems, but I still found myself reacting poorly to stressful events. Working with Gilda, I learned how the heart and body are affected by stress, and how they influence my thinking. After working with Gilda and practicing the techniques on my own, I was able to use the methods for two stressful events.I was surprised by how my typical anxious emotional response was interrupted and I experienced complete calm. I would highly recommend Gilda to anyone interested in changing how they face stress."

      - Janice Stedfast, Business Professional Colorado, USA

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