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I worked with Gilda as a client of her executive coaching, and am I'm so glad I chose to work with her. As a classically-trained musician, I was excited to have another musician help validate my experiences and get unstuck. She helped me see past old patterns that were blocking me from taking even bigger chances in my life and work, guiding me to shift my mindset. Her kind and gentle approach to challenges is a gift, as is her never-ending ability to find the right metaphor for every occasion!

   - Maura Charles, Digital Innovation Consultant, New York, USA 

"Finding your creative outlet in a business setting (typically the setting you wouldn't expect) is an opportunity to find fulfillment and potential new opportunities. Gilda has an unconventional background that has inspired her work to support women executives to embrace their creativity, overcome fears to enhance performance, and to experience fulfillment and success in their chosen business setting. Gilda is the ultimate wing woman... providing guidance and support with her executive coaching services." 

   - Natalie Klun, Networking Strategist, Utah, USA

Gilda is absolutely a life saver. I was so tormented with the decisions I had to make that it was impossible to see clearly.I'm so thankful for Gilda's professional expertise, compassion, and foresight.She gave me clarity with a greater sense of purpose.

  - Holly McChesney, Sales Consultant, Florida, USA 

"....Our sessions together brought calmness, clarity and confidence back into my life, during a very vulnerable time. Thank you so much for your abilities, guidance and care. You are an extraordinary coach and teacher and I am forever grateful."

    - Shari Katz, Business Professional Maine, USA

"For years, I have used meditation, yoga and tai chi to help me handle stress. They were all useful systems, but I still found myself reacting poorly to stressful events. Working with Gilda, I learned how the heart and body are affected by stress, and how they influence my thinking. After working with Gilda and practicing the techniques on my own, I was able to use the methods for two stressful events.I was surprised by how my typical anxious emotional response was interrupted and I experienced complete calm. I would highly recommend Gilda to anyone interested in changing how they face stress."

    - Janice Stedfast, Business Professional California, USA

"Gilda provided guidance with compassion, and direction and worked with me from my own starting point one step at a time. The skills she taught me have become a "go to place" of feeling and being..since this time of working together, many things have crossed my path regarding the importance of our connection to ourselves and the world."

      - Sue Pesek, Business Professional Colorado, USA

"Gilda's steady guidance and adept intuition transformed my journey as a performing musician. Her positive visualization strategies increased my confidence and strengthened my leadership as both a musician and person. Gilda helped me to perform without anxiety and tension while also prioritizing personal creativity and expression. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to work with Gilda!"

    - Josie Davis, Musician/Administrator - graduate Oberlin Conservatory/Harvard

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