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Dancing With Your Muse beautifully expresses the many fears that artists and professionals of all types experience concerning their own creativity. You will find the understanding and the answers you seek in this lovely and inspiring book!—Ia Gigoshvili, Distinguished International Georgian Ceramist, Painter and Sculptor


For the creative warriors of the world, Gilda Joffe’s new book couldn’t have come at a better time. With grace, wisdom, and heart, she reminds us that courage is not only the precursor to realizing one’s artistic aspirations but also the difference between a life of magic or mediocrity. If you are tired of feeling like a wallflower, Dancing With Your Muse will not only get you on your feet but, in the end, teaches you how to fly.—Michael J. Chase, Bestselling Author &

Founder of The Kindness Center


This is far more than a book for performing artists. Dancing With Your Muse offers invaluable advice for keeping creativity alive and dealing with the inevitable changes and challenges that come with every profession.—Tess

Gerritsen, New York Times bestselling author


Through her lens as a classical musician, Gilda Joffe empowers her readers with strategies to leave fear and doubt behind, helping them gain the skills and self-confidence to move toward their creative goals, whether in business or the arts.—Jennifer Elowitch, Violinist/Founder and Artistic Director Emerita, Portland Chamber Music Festival 



Dancing with Your Muse is a brilliantly written book about everyone's ‘elephant in the room’ — FEAR: of risk, of success, and of living. Interwoven with relevant stories, the book swiftly changes one's mindset and perspective, to the point where the "why not try?" becomes imperative. Rich in expert advice, this is a must-read that will have a lasting impact on your life and career!!

Irina Muresanu, Internationally renowned violinist, Associate Professor, Violin and Chamber Music, Univ. of Maryland


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