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 Coaching for Peak Business Potential


Tired of being passed over for promotions? Feeling as if no one can really see your value?

Don't know how to speak up in meetings, and feeling invisible?

Suffering from performance anxiety in presentations? Feeling like an imposter?

 Afraid to be wrong, of your ideas being rejected?

Communication skills not helping you?

Feeling overwhelmed with pressure, stress, overwork?

Lack of confidence taking a physical and mental toll?

Release yourself from ALL of the above, by transforming your mindset

and developing strong executive presence.


Building visibility, trust and credibility is crucial in

obtaining  high leadership positions.





Learn how to release yourself from overwhelming doubt and fears

to embrace your business performance potential!


with Gilda Joffe


Executive female coach, author, public speaker

and former international performer


We are all performers on the stage of life!


Utilizing mindset transformation and other tools,

Gilda teaches strategies designed to unravel the knots and issues which occur for executive women and professionals. She specifically works with those who wish to overcome inhibiting fears hindering career development.


With warmth, sensitivity, and professional understanding, Gilda brings forth clarity and direction for her clients by defining goals, uncovering challenges and dissolving negative beliefs preventing development of performance potential.



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